Environmental and Sustainable Designing


Arketipo Ltd runs an environmental design faculty that performs energy audits on existing buildings, that consists of certified engineers and designers that are versed in the technical attributes required to achieve their clients’ sustainable energy goals.

In the line of environmental design Arketipo takes on

  • preparation of studies according to the principals of environmental design, during which the following are taken under consideration

- the position and orientation of the building as well as the climate in the building area.

- the application of passive solar systems

- the application of high energy performance systems for heating, cooling and warm water

- the use of renewable energy sources

- the use of natural and hybrid cooling systems

- the study and use of sunshades

- natural ventilation

- optical comfort

  • studies for the improvement of existing buildings energy behavior, usually:

- addition of external thermal insulation with expanded polystyrene to avoid thermal bridges

- replacement of existing windows with highly thermally insulated double glazing windows

- green roofs with reinforcement of load bearing structure and the appropriate waterproofing and insulating undercoat

- Installation of energy efficient systems for heating, cooling and warm water

- Construction of special projects with environmentally friendly materials for new and existing buildings